We Love PIE: 20 Predictions for 2020

  1. The PIE (programmatic-is-everything) doctrine takes hold
  2. Ad tech innovation attracts more investment in 2020
  3. In-app ascends the programmatic throne in 2020
  4. Google leaves the door ajar for behavioural targeting in display
  5. Sorry to say this, dear reader: but ITP is coming to Chrome in 2020
  6. The biggest 2020 ad tech opportunity is: monetising ITP traffic
  7. More women ascend to ad tech senior roles in 2020
  8. Two become one: buy- and sell-side display converge
  9. AVOD kickstarts CTV outside the US
  10. A thousand walled gardens will bloom in 2020
  11. Universal login helps premium pubs build the ultimate walled garden

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