Without cookies, digital advertising needs to be rebuilt.

The IAB wants to partner across brands, agencies, publishers and tech companies to develop a new way to power digital advertising, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg told members at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Springs, California, Monday.

Dubbed “Project Rearc,” for re-architecture, a critical part of this multi-phase plan calls for IAB members to build a replacement for the third-party cookies currently obstructed by Firefox and Safari browsers, with Google Chrome to follow within two years.

The new identifier will work across different browsers and privacy standards and won’t rely on third-party cookies.

Privacy will be at the forefront of this new identity solution.

“The current third-party cookie setup has created a messy and frightening marketplace built on the collection and use of personal data,” Rothenberg said during his keynote speech to AdExchanger during a press conference.

Yet the IAB’s broad membership base – which includes publishers, tech companies and, most recently, direct brands – all need consumer data in order to fuel their businesses, Rothenberg emphasized.

“The world’s greatest brands, retailers and publishers understand the value of personalization,” he said. “They know that relationships, realized through continuously replenished data, are the core asset of their enterprise.”

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