Criteo is tightening its belt for the dust bowl days of retargeting.

Revenue decreased 3% year over year to $653 million in Q4 2019, according to Criteo’s earnings report Tuesday. And the company expects revenue to drop 10% in 2020.

But CEO Megan Clarken, the former Nielsen chief commercial officer who took over in November 2019, said Criteo has the pieces to be a major player as a full-stack DSP business.

There are optimistic metrics for Criteo. Its non-retargeting businesses, such as in-app ads, retail shopper marketing and data onboarding, grew 44% last year and account for 16% of total revenue. That’s up from 9% in Q2 2019, when then-CEO JB Rudelle set a goal of 30% non-retargeting revenue by the end of 2020.

Clarken told AdExchanger she doesn’t have a specific target in mind for the non-retargeting products.

“It’s more important to be known for a portfolio that doesn’t tie us to a single product,” she said.

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