Chrome’s ad blocker will expand to video on August 5

Google today announced that Chrome’s ad blocker is expanding to video on August 5, 2020. As with previous ad blocker rollouts, the date is likely not tied to a specific Chrome version — Google will be expanding the scope of its browser’s ad blocker server-side. YouTube and other websites with video content will have to review their ads to make sure they are compliant.

Here is how the Coalition defines the three banned video ads.

  • Mid-roll Ads: A mid-roll ad is a video ad experience that plays in the middle of a selected video, interrupting the content. Mid-rolls come in many varieties and durations but all were deemed extremely annoying and interruptive by consumers.
  • Long Pre-roll Ads That Can’t Be Skipped: A pre-roll ad is a video ad experience that plays before the video content. Pre-roll ad experiences that include one or more ads that have a combined view length that is over 31 seconds and that do not allow the user to skip past them within the first 5 seconds are deemed intrusive to the experience by many consumers and lead directly to ad avoidance tactics.
  • Large display ads: Large non-linear ad experiences are defined as static or animated ad messages and/or images that are superimposed over more than 20% of the video player OR that appear in the middle third of the video player. These experiences interfered with the ability of consumers to watch the selected video content. Static messages and images that were smaller than 20% of the video player and positioned outside of the middle third of the viewing window are far less intrusive on the user experience.

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