Apple App Store and Google Play App Store Statistics

Outside of China, Apple and Google control more than 95 percent of the app store market share, through iOS and Android, respectively. Both mobile OSes originally came with a few pre-installed apps, but quickly added third-party developers to improve the experience.

Within a year of both being available, tens of thousands of developers were building apps and games for the platforms. In less than five years, both Apple and Google had over one millions apps and games available, which generated millions in app revenue for both companies.

Apple and Google have both, for the past three years, started adding more barriers to entry for developers. They have also purged millions of apps from their respective stores, in an attempt to improve quality across the ecosystem.

Apple App Store Statistics

Originally Steve Jobs did not see the iPhone as this ecosystem for third-party apps, the first App Store launched a year after the iPhone announcement, with 500 applications available. It has since grown to be the largest revenue generating store, even with iPhone only controlling 15 percent of the global smartphone market.

Google Play App Store Statistics

About four months after Apple launched its App Store, Google followed with the Android Market. It has since been rebranded to the Google Play Store, which is available in every country apart from China. In China, Tencent, Huawei, Oppo and a few other platforms offer their own app stores, which all run on Android.

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